The invisible circus. Jennifer Egan.

The story of a girl, Phoebe, who sets out at 18 in 1978 to trace the last journey her sister took at age 18 in 1970, before she fell from a cliff in Italy. It apparently was made into a movie of the same name in 2001, starring Cameron Diaz. I won’t be seeing it. It was an okay book, but I have a feeling which parts of the book were over dramatized for the screen.

Pat Conroy said on the cover, “If there were justice in this world, no one wold be allowed to write a first novel of such beauty and accomplishment.” I would say that is overstating the case by a lot.

One thought on “The invisible circus. Jennifer Egan.”

  1. Interesting. I am gobbling up cheesy mysteries and children’s sci-fi right now – no intellectual rigor at all! I appreciate the recommendation or non-recommendation! -S

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