Soon I will be invincible. Austin Grossman.

I had this book on hold for a long time at the library, but it was worth it. It was like a comic book without the pictures and with better writing. This book follows Dr. Impossible, an evil Super Genius as he battles the Champions, a group of superheros including Fatale. Fatale is the newest member of the Champions, part human, part robot. The book had a great plot, and also let you see the human side of these “super” persons as in this excerpt where Dr. Impossible is talking about what went wrong with his only girlfriend.

“I guess she got bored with me. Some nights on the island, it’s beautiful–tropical constellations, jungle sounds, and luminous fish. But when it’s five in the morning in the hideout and you can’t sleep, and CNN’s stuck on another economic summit, well, that’s another feeling. You’re blacked out and can’t work because some hero team is trolling the South Seas, the heat is unbearable, and it’s an hour until dawn, the slow tropical sunrise over the lagoon, and you’re thinking about how far you are from home, and that this whole thing was maybe not such a brilliant idea after all, but there’s nothing you can do about it now.

“My style of work takes a lot of preparation. I building things and test them out. I have to order parts, or cast them myself. I have to pull all-nighters to debug my robot’s pathfinding routines before an invasion. It isn’t that interesting to other people.”

I loved this book so much it made the next three books I read entirely unreadable. Fabulous.

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  1. Ooh, exciting! I really enjoy a bit of a foray into superheroes and superhero genres (see my whole unit on WonderWriter for my second graders!). I will definitely have to put this one on my list! -S

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