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The reason my tattoos are not in a visible place. It’s going to be fun in the nursing home playing guess the tattoo. (Sorry it’s a little blurry)

Get Fuzzy is one of my favorite cartoons. When I describe it (a somewhat loser guy and a cat and a dog) people say, “You mean Garfield?” But Garfield isn’t funny and this is. This is from the week that Satchel was eating a lot of stuff. Darby Conley draws expressions so well.
ps. Who are these people who write entries on Wikipedia. Does the world need 9 paragraphs on Satchel. Do these people vote?

One thought on “More fun comics”

  1. That seems like a pretty big tattoo deterrent! 🙂 Funny!

    I read a little Get Fuzzy (I don’t read the paper that often any more…) when I read the comics. I love it!

    I think any old schmo can write on Wikipedia (before I was as savvy as I am now (:))I used to call it winkipedia and somehow I like that better!) -S

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