Tall Bikes

Portland is such a bike-y city that there are subsets of cyclists in town. One of the subsets is people who never refer to themselves as cyclists. Another is people with tall bikes.

Tall bikes are cool. They are cool because you pretty much have to make your own tall bike, or be friends with someone who does. They are cool because you get to ride far above cars. They are cool because small children gleefully point when they see them. I would love to ride one.

I had the chance. One of the parents of a first grader at my school has a tall bike. I was exclaiming over it, and he offered to let me ride. I automatically said, “Oh, no. I couldn’t,” and then kicked myself later. Next time he offers, I won’t be so quick to say no.

This tall bike was locked up outside school on Friday. It’s being a tall bike makes it cool, but most of them are better crafted than this. Still, can you imagine riding one?

4 thoughts on “Tall Bikes”

  1. How do cute little 5 foot 4 people get on this thing (I am going to say cute instead of denigrating my stature…though I would prefer to use other less nice words!)? I would have to bring a special ladder…which might be hard to carry – unless I figured out a way to attach it to my tall tall bike. And I have to say…I must not be Portland chic, because I have never seen one of these and had no idea how coll it was. Thanks for keeping me West Coast hip! -S

  2. you know I mean cool instead of coll. I am typing fast to get caught up on my comments! yay for an office job! -S

  3. you just plan the bike to your size and go from there my bike is 7 foot 5 i just added pegs on the frame to step on to get up ….

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