The Abstinence Teacher. Tom Perrotta

Ruth is the high school health teacher forced to adapt an abstinence-based curriculum. Tim is a recovering alcohol and drug user trying to hold on to the sobriety he found when he started attending a local evangelical church. The book throws these two characters together at a point of adversity and then examines how their interactions affect their lives.

This book was readable enough, with the well developed characters I am used to from Tom Perrotta. However, I felt that the point at which the book ended was the ideal starting point for the story. All that came before it seemed like a very long set up without a payout.

One thought on “The Abstinence Teacher. Tom Perrotta”

  1. Hmm…teaching abstinence based sex ed…been there! 2 ways not to get STDs – did you know that? Only 2. Abstinence and monogamy. I hated those lessons (twice a year) taught to my kids by the nurse. I was so glad when they changed that curriculum…still referred to the two methods but didn’t say only. -S

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