A walk through Northwest Portland

On my way to my acupuncture appointment, I captured these images.

The lovely doors of St Mary’s.

I love finding signs with outdated language and/or customs. “You tradesmen, you enter over here. Not through the front door.”
This looks like a pretty typical multi-family residence in Northwest. But wait! What is that sign in the lower left? (I actually crossed the street to find out.)
Ah! My place for orthodox church on Sundays.
Who needs sleep when there is coffee? Who needs a recycle bin, when there is a truck bed?
I mean really, who?

One thought on “A walk through Northwest Portland”

  1. Class-ic! Love the door! We know of many Orthodox churches that started that way…we have a friend who went from AC to Orthodox…down the Tiber or the Bosporus (oh dear) as we say. Not sure how religion got attached to rivers…but euphemisms are just that! -S

    Oh and the truck…for shame…

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