Posts you may have missed because they are out of order.

Okay, so these are really old. It’s actually not July 28, it’s September 12. But I have turned over a new leaf in the blog world and I am committed to not posting things out of order. But I have this issue in that I have a fair number of drafts sitting on my “to do” list. I’ve learned from experience that “new” posts published in the “past” don’t show up on people’s readers. And, at the same time, I want to post things in order for those of us who don’t use readers. So I am breaking a couple of rules (don’t publish out of order, always pretend when writing the post that it is the same day) but I think that this solution is the best one for now. The following posts are from April-June and many have no comments yet. You! Could be the first to comment! Don’t be shy.

And the catching up continues….

04/06/08. Dorky State Quarter Holder.
04/06/08. Bruunch!
04/11/08. Their Uniform.
04/14/08. Signs.
04/16/08. A walk through Northwest Portland.
04/21/08. End of Building
04/26/08. Menucha.

Sara, I think you have commented on the above, but not the below.
05/11/08. Even Less Building
05/17/08. Lost in Translation: Lilacs
05/17/08. This House
05/20/08. Jury Duty!
05/26/08. Uniform!
05/31/08. I know which generation I am.
06/03/08. Hee!
06/03/08. No More Building.
06/06/08. It Takes A lot to be Miss Nomer.
06/07/08. Miss Nomer Reigns.
06/22/08. Sunday Parkways.

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