Read in July.

8 books, which is not super fabulous considering that I was on vacation for at least 14 days in July. Also, much re-reading of the Lehane books took over the summer. After I finished them the first time, I couldn’t get into any other books, so I just started over with the series.
Just for fun, let’s limit my summaries this month to 1 sentence each.


Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist. Cohn & Levithan
Perfectly captures that adolescent surge of emotion you feel when you meet someone you might fall in love with.

In Defense of Food. Michael Pollen.
My non-fiction author boyfriend writes about food and proposes a way to eat.

To Kill a Mocking Bird. Harper Lee.
The classic is as good as when I first read it, with some perfectly beautiful passages.

I Am Charlotte Simmons. Tom Wolfe.
O! Tom, I glory in your incredibly long sentences and your mostly unlikable (yet sympathetic) main character; your completely exact observations of 21st century culture–high and low–always blow me away.
Grammar watchers will notice my clever use of the semi-colon to give me some more sentence.

A Drink Before the War. Dennis Lehane
Still good the second time.

Darkness Take My Hand. Dennis Lehane
As was this.

Sacred. Dennis Lehane.
And this.

Eat Fat Lose Fat. Mary Enig & Sally Fallon.
I’m trying to read fewer diet books, but I got this because this was a much more accessible way to put into action the food ideas proposed in Nourishing Traditions.

Started but didn’t finish:
Good Faith. Jane Smiley.
Jane, I seem to run hot and cold with you, with this one being a bit cold.

Cage of Stars. Jacquelyn Mitchard.
I think I will enjoy this book, but sometime in the future.

Attack of the Theater People. Marc Acito.
Alas, I remained immune to Acito’s charms this time and put this down about 20 pages in.

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  1. You kill me with the rereading! Said, I, a person who also rereads…but usually not in the same season. I think your list seems great! More than I read, that’s for sure! -S

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