Letters written in July

This month started with me writing to me while on my trip. That was a successful effort as I did that every day. Good job me. Then I returned (with letters waiting for me!) and caught up on my correspondence. There were five days when I didn’t write in the middle of the month. Near the end of the month I began sending photos I took of the youth who went on the trip to their parents. Not wanting to just plop photos in the mail with no pretext, I included a note. That took care of the end of July letters and this project extends into August. Overall a good, if not totally traditional letter writing month.

1 July. Me
2 July. Me
3 July. Me
4 July. Me
5 July. Me
6 July. Me
7 July. Me
8 July. Me
9 July. Me
10 July. Me
11 July. Postcard, Deborah, Sara
**Letters back, LEX Diane & Sara (3)
12 July. Deborah
13 July. Sara
14 July. Sara
15 July. No one
**postcard from Sara
16 July. postcard Matt
**postcard from Sara
17 July. Oregonian–yes to the comic Edison Lee.
18 July. No one.
19 July. No one.
20 July. Sara
21 July. No one.
22 July. No one.
23 July. LEX Gerry
24 July. LEX Jan
25 July. Ben Bridge Jewelers (excellent customer service)
26 July. YRUU Youth
27 July. YRUU Youth
28 July. YRUU Youth
29 July. YRUU Youth
30 July. YRUU Youth
31 July. YRUU Youth

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  1. For awhile there I was able to get ahead while you were away. Now that you have completed the letter that never ends…I am in trouble! -S

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