17 ways to live happily…

Live on the dull edge of technology.

Do you need to be a complete Luddite to live happily on your salary? Nope. But if you resist buying each gizmo and gadget when it comes on the market, you will save yourself a lot of money. Better yet, make friends with someone who is always on the cutting edge of technology, and gives you their castoffs. Flat screen TV? HD DVD? Don’t buy one right now. Wait a few years to see if that technology is still going strong. When I was in elementary school scooters became really popular. Both my brother and I really wanted one but our parents told us to wait a year or two because they thought it was a fad. We were sure that scooters were here to say, but it turned out that no one even rode a scooter a year or so later.

One thought on “17 ways to live happily…”

  1. I think that we are with you on this – halfway (said I while typing on my new netbook in bed – which I have read is one of the hottest gifts this season and I had never heard of until Shawn gave it to me last week). We have my grandmother’s 20+ year old tv, a 5 year old computer, and a hand me down ipod. But we plan to get a flat screen(some day) and we have other ‘right now’ gizmos! -S

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