Watching a block in N. Portland.

This block in North Portland near the Prescott Street Max stop looks due for some changes. I think there is a mixed use building on tap. When I moved to North Portland one of the houses on this block became a favorite of mine. So I noticed one day when it was boarded up. Eventually I noticed all of the houses on the block were boarded up. I’ll report back now and then when things start to happen. But here is where we are right now.

The house I like is on the left in this picture. The urban agriculture me dreamed of having a large garden in the empty lot taking up most of this picture. The side view of the house showing broken windows already in the upper stories. Those hoodlums have never seen It’s a Wonderful Life.

Doesn’t it look like a grand old lady of a house?
It’s next door neighbor, a nice little Victorian. It looks like my bike crept into that shot.
Another house I am fond of, though I would take off the vinyl siding.
This one has a good porch for sittin‘.

Looking down the block face as we continue our counter-clockwise journey.
There is still some nice decorative shingling on this house’s upper story.
The back side of the apartments on the corner.
Front side of the apartments. They are the most run down of all the houses.
A lovely cottage.
Another nice cottage.
This is the house I can see as I ride North on Interstate. It took me a long time to realize all the houses on the block were boarded up, not just my favorite, because this one has bars on the windows and they did not cover it with the more obvious plywood.
I also didn’t notice because this Liquor Store is not boarded up. But it is indeed closed. Notice the Max transmission tower visible right above the “R” on the sign…
And here it is, taking a chunk out of the Liquor Store. I’ve always wondered how much Tri-Met had to pay to cut into the building like that.
A close up view.
The very 1960s white brick front of the liquor store.
And thus completes our walk around the block. We shall keep an eye and see what develops.
On one hand, I love old houses, and hate to see any of them torn down, even the most decrepit. On the other, if a cute tiny little house hadn’t been torn down a few miles north on Interstate, I wouldn’t be living in my lovely home. Interstate is an area where the city planners are hoping to increase density without bringing in so many cars. It worked for our house. Hopefully this block will have something fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Watching a block in N. Portland.”

  1. These are such great houses…will they be moved or just destroyed? I hope moved, because they look like they would be such nice little family homes and starter homes for people. I bet they cry at night to be empty! -S

  2. I’m pretty sure they will be torn down. We have an excess of houses like this in Portland. Plus, many of them look like they have been rentals for years and aren’t in very good condition. Alas. But perhaps some affordable housing will arrive and in greater quantities than are currently on this block.

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