A Sunday with guidelines.

Okay, we were really snowed in today. The Max line wasn’t running due to frozen switches. I did very well with my guidelines.

  • Get up and dress to the shoes. Yep did this. I didn’t take a shower, because when you are snowed in and slightly cold all day there isn’t a lot of sweating going on. I’ll shower tomorrow.
  • 1 hour review for math test. Yep. Took the two hour practice test. It was pretty depressing. I think I might see if I can move that test date.
  • 1 hour work on the blogs. Did it. I got all the photos ready to post and wrote a few things.
  • 1 hour of exercise. Shoveled snow twice. Walked to the store and back across unshoveled sidewalks so even more effort was used. Matt and I went to get dessert at Pizza Fino, also over unshoveled walks.
  • 4 hours work. I rocked the work. Probably more like six hours.
  • Maximum nap time: 30 minutes. No nap today.
  • Keep up with dishes and picking up. Yep.
  • Plan food the day before. I’ll do that right after I finish this post.
  • Eat only when hungry and stop when full. Breakfast and lunch very good. I wasn’t super hungry for dinner.
  • When watching movies, eat nothing or fruits and vegetables. I’m going to have wine with my movie. For some reason this winter weather has me craving wine.

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