Three sentence movie reviews–Waitress.

I mostly felt uncomfortable during this supposed “vibrant and uplifiting comedy.” I couldn’t get over the idea that 5.3 million American women experience abuse such as the main character experienced (and worse), yet we rarely see movies about this topic. This movie was beautifully filmed and I enjoyed the main characters and especially Andy Griffith, but I can’t really recommend it.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews–Waitress.”

  1. I found it very hard to watch as well. And the fact that it is based on a real person’s life (the cutsie other waitress was the actual author). And that she was killed/died after the filming but before the release (possibly by her psycho husband) makes it an even more difficult story. -S

  2. I thought it was very odd myself. It at least got points for being original. I thought she was killed by a construction worker – I never heard her hubby was under suspicion.

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