Three sentence movie reviews–Before Sunrise

I was the same age as the characters in this movie when it was released and I couldn’t imagine anything more exciting then meeting a boy on a train, and accepting his offer to wander the city overnight with him engaging in long conversations about well-thunk thoughts. I fell in love with this movie and the characters and thus, I can never give an impartial review. Watching it now, 11 years later their well-thunk thoughts seem so earnest and young and a bit silly I giggled, but that didn’t diminish my love.

Note: I watched this originally with Cindy and Sara at Cindy’s house and thanks to her, I will always be distracted by the noise Ethan Hawke’s jacket makes. The dress Celene wears always reminds me of Sara. In those ways they both continue to watch it with me, every time.

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews–Before Sunrise”

  1. Oh I feel the same way. I was so entranced by this movie. And it still makes me think of you both. -S

    PS-I like how you reference the movie poster site. Librarians everywhere are impressed with your web ethics (as am I).

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