Three sentence movie reviews–Before Sunset.

Most of adult life is pretty boring and repetitious: hours, days, month spent doing the same thing over and over again with no real surprises. I can’t really convey the pleasure and the anticipation this movie brought letting me join the characters of Before Sunrise nine years later. They are still the same age as me and there is still a lot of walking and talking and well-thunk thoughts.
Crap, I can’t do this in three sentences, here are a few more: Never has a walk up a staircase been so full of tension. I’m hoping Linklater will take up Roger Ebert’s suggestion to drop in on them every nine years so we can see what has become of their lives.

Also, watching these movies one after another really highlights the aging that can take place in a decade. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, just looking at Ethan Hawke, I thought, “Wow! Has my face undergone similar changes?” Which of course it has, as I smoked for seven years and love the sun and tend to shy away from sunscreen.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews–Before Sunset.”

  1. I am holding my chest and sighing at the thought of this movie. It was so great! Everything I wanted in the sequel…

    3 sentences for this movie is tough! It was just so good and just made me think of my youth and all the changes of life. That has been a theme though lately, right! Maybe we need to watch this one together when you are in DC! -S

  2. Such a great sequel. I had the same thoughts, too, about aging. I didn’t see them quite nine years apart, though. More like six, but in that time I’d had a lot more experience with romance, too.

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