Math teacher report 3/13

I’m warning you right now, this will be a “didn’t really do it” sort of post. I’m really tired and my mental energy is going toward the test on Saturday and my final project for my class. Both of those are things that are essential for me becoming a math teacher, so it isn’t like I’m not doing anything.

Finish that message thing
Not done yet. I think I need to find three or so teachers to give me advice and then send them some version to see what they like best.

Look at three potential volunteer tutor jobs
I didn’t even remember that I made this goal.

Contact five people about informational interviewing

Write two blog posts.
I wrote one. I have another one burbling in my brain. I have some ideas for a series.

I’ll revisit the math teacher goals during/after spring break. The start of the quarter is a good time for me to integrate new things in my life.

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