I am caught up!

One plus of being extra busy with normal life is that it is so routine that there is not much to blog about. That, plus the fact I’ve been avoiding studying for the test in the mornings, means that I am caught up on this blog for the first time since June 2008! That’s right. If you are reading this on Friday, March 13, that would be the same day in which I typed this! So exciting.

I’m aware that this blog is in its “In & Inactive” state again. That is partially because I forgot to bring my camera when I went to Sunriver last weekend with the staff of my school. There would have been pictures from that, but alas. Hopefully with the coming of spring (and spring break!) there will be more pictures.

So I take the big Praxis test tomorrow. 10:45. Wish me luck. I’m hoping to not have to take it again.

3 thoughts on “I am caught up!”

  1. It sounds like your life is pretty darned hectic right now. . . Good luck on your test and everything else you have set for yourself! E-mail me from the other side (or wherever you stop for a bathroom break. . ..;)

  2. Now I am caught up as well. I do sooo appreciate your blog and need to take a minute to let you know more often. I love following your activites and thoughts as your journey with your days. I am a bit pooped when I see your lists, goals and achievements. WAY TO GO!! Best wishes for the PRAXIS.’till next time….kms

  3. That’s my mom, if you weren’t sure who this Kathy S. is!!!! YAY YOU!!!!! I am not caught up in my comments. I have 25 posts to comment on…someday!!! -S

    You will ROCK the praxis!!! Go PCC, go!!! -S

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