Picnic Project: Pier Park

The Picnic Project.
Established 2006.

Each year, Patricia chooses five parks in Portland—one from each section of Portland: N, NE, NW, SE & SW. She plans food and invites people for a picnic, then records the festivities. By 2028 she will have picnicked in every park in Portland.

Date: 18 August, 2009

Park: Pier Park

Present: Patricia

Food: Big salad

Activities: Reading a fabulous book, exploring the park.

Comments: Pier Park has a skate park and a Frisbee golf course. My brother goes there weekly to play Frisbee golf. I thought I would check it out.

Pier Park is in the very North part of North Portland in the area where residential begins to change over to commercial. Several trucks were parked outside the park while, I assume, their drivers rested.

Like other parks I’ve been to this summer, the dense planting of trees gave it a very Hansel & Gretel feel. It also brought the temperature down quite a bit. It was a very hot day.

There was a water feature and a play area.

Sadly, the merry-go-round had been removed.

My delicious big salad.

A very nice covered picnic area.

I wandered around the park for awhile and found the Frisbee golf course. There were a few people playing.

The heat didn’t deter the teenagers in the skate park.

The baseball fields, however, were deserted.

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