What now?

So I’m still not caught up, what now? Now I will publish one post per day until I have caught up to present day. I’ve just placed all of September’s pictures into draft posts. I’ve made sure all the movies are listed. I’m ready to whiz through these….Shoot. I’ve got 16 posts in September on this blog alone. Never mind. I’m going to try and do two per day. Or a bunch on weekends. My oh-so-free weekends.

162 posts completed and published since August 20. That’s approximately 4 posts per day, which is a huge effort. Good job me.

4 thoughts on “What now?”

  1. You are such a math teacher! I do like seeing it in a graph form. Did you make that or is it from some blog magic site?

    PS-Have I mentioned how impressed I am?!?!?!

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