Motivation, brought to you by Excel and Desktop Printing

It’s amazing what a nice looking piece of paper will do for my motivation. This was the sheet I created so I could keep track of my blog posting. Back in the day before desktop publishing, I would have hand written this out and it would not have been as pretty. It also would have taken me forever. I created this in about two minutes, printed it at school and was on my motivational way. There are so many wonderful things about this modern world.

The thing in shadow in the lower right-hand corner is the pin I got at the Romanian wedding Matt and I went to in August. I wasn’t sure where to put it and didn’t yet want to throw it away, so I stuck it on my motivational paper. Sentinel notices it every once in awhile and attempts to pull it down, so I should probably move it somewhere else. I think I will leave my piece of paper up for awhile, it feels so good to look at.

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