Requiem: Green bag

I bought this green bag back in 1997 with part of my college graduation money. I wanted to buy a leather satchel, but did not have quite enough to fund that purchase. So I settled for this L.L. Bean bag which I carried to my very first full-time job: receptionist at the Somerville office of Motion Industries.

I pressed it back into service this year when my new bag (which I knew I shouldn’t have bought) broke rather quickly, cheap thing.

Though the bag is still good, it is very, very heavy, even without anything in it. There is a metal bar across the top layer that must weigh five pounds. And that is before I pack it with my lunch and newspaper and other accouterments. I’ve just found a new one and I am letting this one go. Farewell, faithful servant.

One thought on “Requiem: Green bag”

  1. Well done, green bag! I love that you do this series. I also have pictures of things that I have let go of. Its nice to release the emotional attachments!

    14/14 – done!

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