Three sentence movie reviews: Sex and the City II

After the Liza Minnelli cameo is over*, this is an endlessly long and boring move that is incredibly gauche in its excesses. I had plenty of time to think about and feel sorry for Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda all who seem to be desperately clinging to their youth in a way that makes them highly unattractive. Samantha seems to have made some deal with the devil in that she is much older than the others, but yet manages to look much less plastic and also younger.

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*seriously, watch until she does her dance number and then turn the movie off. There is nothing here for you.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Sex and the City II”

  1. Did not see the 1st one. Have not seen any of the TV series. I think I will keep this streak alive and miss the 2nd one.

  2. I went to this with some of my girls her ein DC. We really hated the movie, but had a great time getting together. I agree with your review above!

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