Three sentence movie reviews: 127 Hours

This, despite the solo forearm amputation that you know is coming,* was one of the most uplifting movies I’ve seen this year. James Franco is mesmerizing and the soundtrack is an integral part of the movie. Be sure to watch the credits all the way to the end to read the important statement about legal mountain biking.

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*If you can’t hack that scene–and believe me, if I could make it through it, you most likely can–just Google to find out how long it is and then leave the theater for that amount of time.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: 127 Hours”

  1. I know the pun wasn't intended, but your comment about if "you can't hack" the arm cutting off scene seriously made me LOL.

  2. Really? I just was so afraid of that scene. I guess your right, I could just have a pee break right about then!

  3. It's the ultimate built-in pee break. You know it is going to happen and you don't necessarily need to be there to witness it.

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