Is this rude?

I attended a professional development workshop today about brain-based math learning. This woman was on her computer the entire day. Well, the entire part of the day she was there, as she left early. At first I thought she was taking notes, but I soon realized she was spending her time online shopping. So my questions are 1) Why did she even come as she was not at all paying attention and 2)Is this rude, or just an acceptable modern use of time under the guise of “multi-tasking”?

3 thoughts on “Is this rude?”

  1. My first reaction is she is rude but I am trying to be better about giving people the benefit of the doubt. Don't have a good answer for the doubt so sticking with 1st reaction for now!

  2. I agree with April and find it terribly rude. But I have been in a class taught by a mediocre professor and wished for an escape from the 3 hours. It would still be rude, but deserved, maybe?

  3. With a mediocre professor there is always doodling, or letter writing (as I know, because I've received letters written.) But I think what annoys me about this is that she (or someone did) paid $100.00 to come to the class. Why not actually see if you can get some use of that money.

    The other part of my annoyance is that is is ostensibly being "productive" with her technology, but is actually not being productive at all.

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