20MPDC Check in 4/5/11

3/29. Finished blog post about 20MPDC. With the minute remaining, googled “how to be a professional knife sharpener” and discovered that more people search “how to be a professional knife thrower” than “knife sharpener.”

3/30. Made flyer for harvesting business. Not sure of a good name for the business. Am letting it marinate. Read up on knife sharpening on a web site and found another good source of information and supplies (which are not cheap!). Briefly contemplated taking a picture of items for sale and rejected that idea.

3/31. Took pictures of five things to sell on Craig’s List. Will upload the photos with the usual weekly photo upload. Spent 11 minutes reading about knife sharpening. The Paper Wheel system seems in my price range. Will keep reading.

4/1. Spent the entire time reading about knife sharpening. I learned to fold a paper corner to show me the primary edge face and the secondary edge face. April and May will be used to read about sharpening so that I will have a good idea of what would be the best investment of my money.

4/2, 4/3 Busy with other things

4/4. Forgot to write down what I did, but if memory serves, posted an item to Craigslist and spent the rest of the time doing something that I cannot recall. Ah, it’s coming back to me now. I was looking for a detail map of the Kenton neighborhood and got distracted on the library web site.

4/5. Sold item on Craigslist and am now $3.00 richer! What an excellent boost of confidence for this project! I have decided to take a picture of something to sell every day and post something to sell every day. I posted a new item and spent some time reading Leonard Lee’s Complete Guide to Sharpening. I read the chapter on kitchen knife sharpening. Leonard Lee is pretty funny and reassured me that sharpening kitchen knives is easy! Example: “Most kitchen-knife users seem to be satisfied with the condition of the knife as long as the cutting edge is keener than the back of the knife. The tolerance for dull knives is amazingly high in most kitchens.”

In the few minutes remaining. I checked out WordPress as I am thinking about having a web site for my harvesting business.

Well done, me!

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