20MPDC 4/12/11

Wednesday 4/6/11
Evening meeting left me with little time, certainly not 20 minutes. I took a picture of an item to put on Craigslist and that was it.

Thursday 4/7/11
I posted an item to Craigslist and took a picture of another item. I spent the rest of the time reading tutorials on SharpeningSupplies.com and I watched a video. The tiny amount of research I’ve done over the past few weeks has me confident that I can learn how to sharpen knives.

Friday/Saturday 4/8-9

Sunday 4/10/11
I took another picture and posted another ad on Criagslist. I edited my Harvest Helper flyer and watched a few sharpening videos. I want to purchase a stone set, but I am resisting until I do more research.

Monday 4/11/11
Picture? Taken. Item? Posted. Harvest Helper? New blog created. WordPress explored a bit.

One thought on “20MPDC 4/12/11”

  1. Perhaps you should contact Jessie's culinary school in PDX. She had a very cool way of sharpening with a flat stone. Perhaps you could take a class there or sit in on the day they do some of their sharpening work. Perhaps and email to Jess would be good. Let me know.

    Do we get to see your other website?

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