Can people read this well labeled recycling bin?

I spotted this fancy new recycling bin on the way to my bus stop.
As you can see, it’s very clearly labeled. But can people follow directions?

I spy a potato chip bag (neither newspaper, nor magazine) plus two cups in the top section.

In the “plastic bottles and metal cans” side I see two plastic bottles, but three cups.

In the “glass bottles” side I see one glass bottle and one metal can (but no cups.)
As you can see, just writing on the object what you want it to be used for does not always work.

One thought on “Can people read this well labeled recycling bin?”

  1. I just don't get people, the signage is quite clear! And in such a green and crunchy (that's what people here say) town I would expect more. It needs a solar-powered automatic rejection system to throw the incorrectly placed items back at the non-reading or non-minding culprit!

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