20MPDC Check in 4/19/11

4/13 and 4/14 were eaten up with gardening.

4/15. Spent more time reading about knife sharpeners. I didn’t put anything on Craigslist because I’m out of town for a day. I did have a nibble on an item, which if followed through (only an “if” for Craigslist as people are flaky) I will have an extra $5.00.

4/16 Craigslist guy did come thorough and I’m $5.00 richer. I now have grossed $8.00 which is nearly one first-run matinee movie. Or two second-run movies plus a box of Jr. Mints. But more importantly, it’s a tiny step toward the knife sharpening gear I need to implement the knife sharpening business.

4/17, 4/18 & 4/19. Apparently busy with other things.

One thought on “20MPDC Check in 4/19/11”

  1. Nice! We sold enough of our big furniture stuff to get a new guest bed we have picked out from IKEA. We still have a couple of items to go. But a new couch might get the money – we are selling the hyda-bed and need more seating in our new living room. We shall see! I find the sell rather invigorating~ 🙂

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