20MPDC 5/3/11

Oh dear, I’ve done nothing until today, May 3. I’ve gotten in a slump with the daily routines and so the 20MPDC has fallen to the wayside with the rest of them. But here I am, crawling out of the wayside back to the thoroughfare.

Tuesday, May 3
I took another picture of items I wish to sell on Craigslist. I reposted all of my expired, unsold posts reducing the price of all but one of them. I found the WordPress site (I had bookmarked it last time) and then had trouble figuring out how to sign in. My goal is to have the blog finished by the end of the month so I can reference it on the flyers which I will hand out beginning at the end of this month also.

One thought on “20MPDC 5/3/11”

  1. At least you are not abandoning it! Just sold a couch on Craigslist – netting us more cash for new furniture. Yay!

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