Three sentence movie reviews: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The first thing that this movie asks you to believe is that the main character–who looks old enough to have done a stint in the army and then gotten his bachelor’s degree with the GI Bill*– is in high school. But it’s not like these movies are realistic in any way, anyway. Tokyo looks good, as usual, and it’s fun to watch the cars drift,** but this movie has really nothing to offer except for screen time with Sung Kang, who is fun to watch; overall this is a Fast and the Furious movie you can easily miss.***

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*IMDB tells me he was 24 when the movie came out.
**IMDB also tells me that the stunt drivers did all the drifting in real life, it wasn’t created in CGI.
***”I don’t want to watch any of them!” I hear you thinking. I totally get it. I’m just going through a thing, please stand by for return to normal movie viewing habits.

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  1. Good to know that a secondary character, Tokyo comes out looking good. You are so funny with this FF thing. It is not like I have not had a similar inclination (ahem, Twilight!).

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