20 MPDC 6/7/11

Wednesday 6/1/11

Thursday 6/2/11
I priced things for 15 minutes tonight and made it through all the books on the bookshelf.

Friday 6/3/11
I made it through most of my chore list, but didn’t get to this.

Saturday 6/4/11
Due to yesterday’s neglect, I priced for 15 minutes today and have finished pricing everything in the bookshelf area.

Sunday 6/5/11

Monday 6/6/11

Tuesday 6/7/11
I rallied today and priced kitchen items for 15 minutes. I have a lot of kitchen items that fall into the category “use about once every year or two, but are so, so handy when I do use them, I just can’t get rid of them right now.” So there wasn’t much to price.

And with that, June busied itself up to a frothy state and I did no more 20MPDC. Alas. Another good idea gone by the wayside.

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