EMSWCD Naturescaping Tour

The MAunts and I attended the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District Naturescaping Tour which was a tour of several houses that have successfully “naturescaped” as defined here . Some photo highlights:

I liked this cinder block grill and work surface

It utilized the holes in the cinder blocks for herb growing.

I’m guessing they need pretty regular water, but I find this to be a grand idea.

Many people had rain barrels and I took a lot of pictures of the setup. I would like to start saving rainwater in a big way, but have yet to find the how-to reference to get me started.

This house was the house next door to the tour, but it had a front yard completely full of red clover. It was beautiful.

In one back yard was a pioneer-type cabin playhouse.

The MAunts gazing up at a large stand of Douglas fir.

3 thoughts on “EMSWCD Naturescaping Tour”

  1. Is it different than Xeroscaping? I think that is what it is called. Maybe Xeroscaping is more dessert plants? Looks like a fun outing. Rain barrels are great. Wonder if we could set one up here…

  2. Xeriscaping is the landscaping with the desert plants. Although dessert plants sound good too. I would like fudge shrubs and marshmallow bushes. Chris told me that more and more people in Boise are doing Xeriscaping, which makes total sense.

    As to the billion links, I can't figure out what you are talking about. Do tell, as I am curious.

    Oh wait, I just scrolled down. How the heck did that get there? Do other posts have it? I'll investigate.

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