Holy Peanuts Batman!

I paid six dollars and something cents for this jar of peanut butter only a week ago. Today:

I’ve been sticking my head in the sand about the rising food costs, but this has shaken me out of it. I’m going to keep a closer eye on what I eat and how much it costs. Peanut butter is somewhat like water in our house in that both Matt and I dip into on a regular basis. Between us we easily finish a jar a week. But no longer for me. My average 2-oz serving of peanut butter now costs $0.44 which (in my mind) is the price of a candy bar. Of course, candy bars cost even more now.

One thought on “Holy Peanuts Batman!”

  1. Oh Adams…

    We can't get Adams here…

    Wonder what our Costco natural organic 2 jars in a pack is going for now? Meant to get that purchased before peanut "crisis" 2011 kicked in.

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