House Frau and others

When you don’t have much clothing (and I have a goodly amount by choice, but not a ton) sometimes you need to wash everything. Other times I desire to be dressed because I have things to do around the house, but don’t want to actually put on pants. What do I need? A House Frau dress. I’ve been wanting one for awhile and my trip to the Goodwill yielded this classic. I love it. It’s a great color, not binding at all and, yes, incredibly unflattering. But that doesn’t matter, because after this picture, the public won’t see it.

It was a good Goodwill trip in other ways. I also got this great shell which is a bit more flattering than the House Frau dress.

And! In the Halloween section, of all places, I got this fabulous car coat which not only goes with the dress, it bridges the gap between the “too cold for no coat, too hot for the lightest weight coat.” Yipee!

One thought on “House Frau and others”

  1. You are killing me with the Haus Frau dress! MuuMuu is what we call those in my home! :0) The color is nice. I love the other 2. 3 great finds!

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