Pub Quiz Questions 11-15

More questions from the 10 Years in Portland pub quiz. How are you doing?

11. An Homage to Trivial Pursuit* question: Circa 1984, what was the only NFL team to not have a logo on their helmet?

*My family plays the Trivial Pursuit often. The original box is full of out-of-date questions, referencing the USSR, people who have died, records that have been broken etc. So sometimes we have to preface our questions with “Circa 1984…”
12. In the movie Field of Dreams Kevin Costner met up with James Earl Jones, who played fictional reclusive author Terry Mann. In Shoeless Joe, the novel by W.P. Kinsella, the movie the novel is based on, what real life reclusive author did Ray Kinsella meet up with?
13. This actor was born June 28, 1966 and appeared in the movies Class, Sixteen Candles, The Journey of Natty Gann, Stand By Me, Eight Men Out and Say Anything. What is his name?
Bonus: In the movie Say Anything his character mentions three things he doesn’t want to do as a career. What are those three things?
14. Patricia and Matt recently saw the movie “Attack the Block” in which a gang of South London teenagers mugging a woman are interrupted by an alien crashing into a car near them. Soon, many other aliens are crashing to the earth near their housing project. These explosions go unnoticed by everyone else because they blend in with the fireworks that are going off around the city as part of an annual celebration that happens every year in November. What annual November celebration in Great Britain includes a lot of fireworks?
15. Patricia used to live at the corner of SW Jefferson & SW Broadway before her beautiful building was torn down by the First Christian Church to make parking spaces and “luxury apartments.” What Portland institution is still across the street from her former residence?
Answers! Coming right up!:
11. Cleveland Browns
Later, after everyone had left, Kevin told us that “Cleveland Brown” was also slang for a woman who was incredibly good looking until you got to her face. Good to know.

12. J. D. Salinger
Most everyone got this. Because how many “reclusive authors” are (or now: were) there, anyway?

13. John Cusak
13 Bonus: Sell anything, buy anything or process anything.
I think this question would have been a bit harder if the bonus question hadn’t been there. Everyone got the question, no one got the bonus question.
14. Guy Fawkes Night
Julie, hailing from England, though living here for many years now, was one of the first to reply to my invitation. “Will I know any answers?” was her question. I said that I thought she would, and to sweeten the deal I would write a question that I knew she would know. Surprisingly, nearly every team knew this too. I guess more people are up on British holidays than I originally thought.
15. The Oregonian or Higgins.
I thought this might be a difficult one, but most teams consisted of people who knew me when I lived there. Joshin asked if I would have accepted “Gifford’s Flowers” as an answer. It’s the flower shop in the basement of the building. I said I would have. So if you answered Gifford’s Flowers, give yourself points.

Scoring: Two points for each question, one point for bonus. Total points possible this round: 11.

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One thought on “Pub Quiz Questions 11-15”

  1. Q13 and Q14. Almost got the bonus on Q13 – but didn't quite get the wording right. I know Guy Fawkes more because of V is for Vendetta than anything else. I'm guessing your crowd had V is for Vendetta fans in it as well. Not to diminish their British holiday knowledge, just wondering if that could be part of it.

    14 is my total.

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