Pub Quiz Questions 1-5

Pictures from the pub quiz are here, but below are the actual questions asked.

These are the first five questions (of twenty) from the Pub Quiz I hosted to celebrate 10 Years in Portland. How well would have you done? Would you have been an asset to your team? Answers below.
1. Bon Jovi’s album New Jersey produced five Billboard “top 10” singles, which is the most top 10 hits for a rock album to date. Name one of those singles.

Bonus: Name the New Jersey City John Bon Jovi called home. (Probably useless hint: the song “Raise your hands” from the album “Slippery When Wet” ends with the name of this city.) New York, Detroit, Vancouver, London, (insert name here)
2. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie Series of books chronicles the journey of the Ingalls family across frontier America. Laura, one of the characters in the books, as well as the author, had three sisters. Name all four Ingalls girls.
Bonus: Name the books in which the sisters first appear.
3. In 1946, 1967, 1975, & 1986 this American League Team lost the World Series. Name the Team.
4. In 1804, the Lewis & Clark expedition set off to map the Louisiana Territory. On their journey, they established relationships with two dozen indigenous tribes as well as wintering at what we now call the Oregon Coast. They brought with them mapping equipment, scientific materials, journals as well as a Newfoundland dog and a slave. Along the way they “hired” an Indian interpreter who gave birth along the journey. Name at least two of the following: the dog, the slave, the Indian interpreter, her baby. (Identify who was who: Robert the dog, Mary the slave etc.)
Bonus: Name all of them.

5. Currently, only one person has ever won an Academy Award for both writing and acting. Who was this person, who won for adapted screenplay in 1995 (from a book by Jane Austin) and won an acting award in 1993 in a movie based on an E.M. Forester novel.
Are you ready for answers?
Question 1: Bad Medicine, I’ll be there for you (both hit #1,) Born to be my Baby, Lay your Hands on Me, Living in Sin

Question 1 Bonus: Sayerville, New Jersey
Notes from the evening: Only one team (of five teams!) could correctly name ONE song from the New Jersey album. This astounding lack of knowledge about Bon Jovi has ensured that there will ALWAYS be a Bon Jovi question on every single pub quiz I write.

Question 2: Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace
Notes from the evening: Every team could cough up Mary, Laura and Carrie, but only one team remembered Grace. Poor Grace. I’m guessing she wasn’t in the TV show?
Question 2 Bonus: Mary, Laura. Little House in the Big Woods. Carrie, Little House on the Prairie. Grace. By the Shores of Silver Lake.
(Note that there was a general hue and cry that Carrie was in the Little House in the Big Woods. I did a skimming of the book before the quiz to check my work and did not find her there, but if someone tells me a page number, I will retract this statement.)

Question 3: Boston Red Sox
An easy question for anyone who has spent any time in Boston, even if they are not a baseball fan.

Question 4: Seaman the dog, York the slave, Sacajawea the Indian Interpreter, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau a.k.a. Little Pomp, or Pompy, her baby.
There were enough “born in Idaho, Oregon or Washington” people to ensure that many teams got all of these.

Question 5: Emma Thompson. (Acting: Howards End, Writing: Sense & Sensibility)
Interesting guesses (all men) and one team got it right!

Score two points for each question and one point for each bonus question. Total points possible this page: 12.

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  1. Okay, I did fine. Got most of Q2 (missed Grace myself and she was on the TV show) – sorry to disgrace you there. Q4-got all (bonus) Q5 Check. So I am up to 5.

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