Sourdough pancakes

I bought a sourdough starter with hopes of making my own whole wheat sourdough bread.  And other products.  Here’s my first attempt at pancakes.  I neglected to take any photos of the final product.  They were thinner than I would have liked, which is something that I can fix next time. They were a rainbow of brown hues, due to the fact that cooking pancakes in a cast iron pan involves a range of temperatures from “a bit too cold, still” to “darn it, this pan is much too hot.” 

One thought on “Sourdough pancakes”

  1. My Aunt Dianna always made THE best sourdough pancakes. They were my dad's favorite, so whenever we would visit she would have the batter out souring just for us. So yum! I haven't had them in years. I can taste them though now, the memory is so distinct.

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