Three sentence movie reviews: 21 Jump Street

While the TV series I grew up with was a drama-fest, and this was a comedy, I still liked it.*  Though not as much as Matt who was set to “low chortle” for most of the movie.  This movie is worth seeing just for the cameos and also now that it is on DVD, you can see the deleted scenes, one of which (the discussion of the inappropriate nature of sleeping with one of the high school girls) was my favorite part of the movie.

*Favorite interchange:


-I’m wearing tights!  I can’t run!

-Well, I’m wearing skinny jeans and it’s the exact same thing!

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Also, a slight Channing Tatum obsessing uncovered this video which is amusing, though not hilarious, as the title overstates a bit.  I do feel bad for the reporter trying to get a story out of that interview. It’s eight minutes.  No commercials.

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