Three sentence movie reviews: Magic Mike

This passed the vital “still good on the third viewing?” test with flying colors and Matt liked it too.  So now there are two more reasons why this movie is better than you think it is.* Sadly, the DVD is pretty much devoid of extras.**

poster from:




that will tell you it’s not the movie you think it is, either.

**I was hoping for a director’s commentary. And more dancing, as I heard each character did two individual dances for the film. But no.  Just a 6 minute feature. LAME!

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Magic Mike”

  1. Birthday present, baby! I actually got two copies, one from Matt and one from Aunt Carol. But if I didn't receive it as a present, I was going to buy it.

  2. You are killing me with your third viewing. I'm glad it is still holding up. I promise to see it, someday!!! Ooh, maybe we could watch it overhear when I come hang out with you during Christmas break. That idea was so exciting that I abandoned my three sentence movie review.

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