Fuller’s Coffee Shop

Fuller’s is a coffee shop located near where I work.  They make their own bread and jam and probably a lot of other things.  The waitresses are of the “hon” variety.  Everyone sits at the counter, because there are no booths.  They don’t take credit cards, their menus are laminated standard diner fare and you can buy rolls of mints and candy bars at the counter.  They open at six AM, god love ’em.  They are old-school all the way, the Pearl District before it was the Pearl District.  Fuller’s is a restaurant that delights me.

Somewhere along the way, someone created an iconic drawing of people sitting at the counter.  The original hangs on the wall of the restaurant, and the drawing has migrated to shirts, including the shirts the staff wears.  Today, walking by after they had closed, I caught one of the employees sitting at the counter, wearing the shirt picturing people sitting at the counter.  Beautiful.

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  1. And caught up…

    Shawn is working on the post, but work is a bit crazy right now. I tried to give a little love on FB for our weekend adventures. I know its not the same…

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