More fun from the Parade Magazine

If you don’t want to make any chair a cozy one, perhaps instead you need a magic pancake pan?
I think my favorite part of the ad says “You can make: French Toast, Grilled Cheese, Eggs Over Easy, Crepes and more!”

Then, there was a short article on a new film about the Bible.  Read this excerpt and guess what my favorite part is:

Did you guess this:  “Adds Roma Downey, 52, who plays Mary, ‘We wanted the audience to think, ‘I know these people.'”
Well, Roma Downey, I can’t say I knew Mary, but I can say that she sure as hell wasn’t FIFTY-TWO YEARS OLD when she gave birth to Jesus.

Seriously, is anyone in Hollywood sane?

2 thoughts on “More fun from the Parade Magazine”

  1. Love the pancake maker that is so much more! and the answer to your Hollywood question is decidedly, no. NUTS!

  2. LOL to all of this. People need a pancake maker? Really? They can't make their pancakes in a frying pan or a griddle like the rest of us? And I didn't know that Roma Downey as playing Mary in that Bible show (it's not a show I'll ever be watching). I guess she's typecast from all those years on Touched by an Angel?

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