More fun from the Parade Magazine

If you don’t want to make any chair a cozy one, perhaps instead you need a magic pancake pan?
I think my favorite part of the ad says “You can make: French Toast, Grilled Cheese, Eggs Over Easy, Crepes and more!”

Then, there was a short article on a new film about the Bible.  Read this excerpt and guess what my favorite part is:

Did you guess this:  “Adds Roma Downey, 52, who plays Mary, ‘We wanted the audience to think, ‘I know these people.'”
Well, Roma Downey, I can’t say I knew Mary, but I can say that she sure as hell wasn’t FIFTY-TWO YEARS OLD when she gave birth to Jesus.

Seriously, is anyone in Hollywood sane?

2 thoughts on “More fun from the Parade Magazine”

  1. LOL to all of this. People need a pancake maker? Really? They can't make their pancakes in a frying pan or a griddle like the rest of us? And I didn't know that Roma Downey as playing Mary in that Bible show (it's not a show I'll ever be watching). I guess she's typecast from all those years on Touched by an Angel?

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