Three sentence movie reviews: Take This Waltz

I liked this movie for the building tension, and for the good performances by all the leads and especially the presence of Sarah Silverman.*  But what I really like about this movie is that it didn’t end where I thought it would, but kept going, giving me a very different ending than I expected.  Michelle Williams was not exactly a likable character, but her performance was very much worth watching.

Cost:  $1.00 from Videorama’s $1.00 Thursday
Where watched:  At home.

*There is a post-swim session shower scene in the movie that is pretty much spot-on depicting the realities of post-swim showers.  It has a lot of nudity in it (including Sliverman and Williams), but the nudity is of the “everyday” variety, not the much idealized women’s locker room scene that opens the movie Carrie.  If you are female, the locker room scene in Carrie is totally worth watching just for laughs.  It is very much the male fantasy of what happens in the women’s  locker rooms.  Take this Waltz is the reality.

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  1. I love movies that have that extra twist at the end. Nothing like a quick (or slowly developing) switch up to really catch you! Glad you enjoyed it.

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