Postcard from China

Aside from the fact that this is a Christian Church, I can’t tell much about this postcard and the descriptors on the back are all in Chinese. 

Look at these stamps!  (Placed in the lower left-hand corner.  The address was on the left side too.)

My observation of the many postcards I’ve received from countries with character-type (as opposed to letter-type) languages is that the handwriting is beautiful, not at all like the scrawl that comes out the the US and Europe.  I wonder if languages with characters require a greater attention to detail?
One postcrosser even wrote in her profile a plea to please write neatly.  

Thursday walk to work Yard/Garden Edition.

I love how squash in a parking strip sprawls all over the place.

These are new builds (probably replacing smaller houses, though I don’t know for sure) that I approve of, just because they don’t look like every other piece of new construction in this city.  The one on the left (the orange one) was featured in the paper once upon a time.  The gentlemen who own the house are both over 6 feet, so everything in the house is sized to them.  Which means I won’t be purchasing that house.

Squash and corn in parking strip.

When lettuce bolts it reminds me of Christmas trees.

Nice setup.

This tiny backyard house has always intrigued me.

Sunflowers in driveway divider.

Beds ready to go.

I love how nasturtiums turn into mounds.

One of the poetry posts. Here is a link to the poem by Jane Hirshfield.

Great address font.

Onions are getting ready to be harvested.

Good mid-century detail with modern flair.  Don’t you just love that bright green door?

Here’s an unusual house. Pink stucco and very square with flat roof. It’s at 1644 N. Emerson and I fear it’s probably not long for this world.  It’s empty, the lawn hasn’t been mowed and the fence is chained shut.  A quick look at Portland Maps tells me the property taxes are paid up though, so it’s not in foreclosure.  Maybe it is just waiting for a new tenant. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to find it torn down.

Rain garden.

Cute Victorian.

Detail of cute Victorian.

Homemade disk golf holes.

I’m headed for the Broadway Bridge, but it will take a lot longer than 12 minutes to get there on foot.

Someday I’m going to go to this.  It’s $3.00! How many dance classes are $3.00?  Not many, I can tell you.

Ainsworth Wine and Gifts is going out of business.

Here’s my mid-walk bathroom stop.

These are new leaning benches.  They came about because regular benches make some sidewalks not ADA accessible and also Trimet wanted to sell more ads.

Good collection of stickers.

Beautiful sky.

Jayda gets some love.

Really good bike seat covers.
And so ends my walk.

Three sentence movie reviews: Addicted to Love

Part of the Ruby Oliver Film Festival

This movie was bizarre, mostly because the main characters were doing really horrible things* that in real life you would be suing if you found out someone was doing to you.  So I guess good that they found each other, freaky weirdos.  Also, as a side note, for years I’ve seen this cover and guessed that Meg Ryan was a cheerleader, based on the tank top she’s wearing on the cover.**

Cost:  free from library
Where watched: at home

poster from:

*Spying on ex-partners, bugging the apartment, plotting to break them up.  Though the camera obscura did lend a nice touch to their stalking.
**Spoiler alert, she’s not.  It’s just a very cheerlead-y looking top.