Yet another walk to work, this one focused on apartments and houses.

Not only does this have a stone lion out front (cue Sara and a Borah cheer) it also has a shiny address plate.

On the minus side, it’s hard to read the address.  On the plus side, super cool!

I spy a tall bike.

The house next door has a fancy name plate too.

Here’s what I refer to as the Brigadoon house.  It was for sale and I wanted desperately to buy it, as it meets all of my requirements (small house, large lot, maker space out back).  Alas, I did not have a few spare hundred thousand dollars.  Then, for months I couldn’t find it again, despite swearing it was on this street.  At one point, I thought it had been torn down.  Was this a house that only appeared every 100 years?  (Which would make it difficult to sell, I guess.)  I finally figured out that when I cross Lombard, I’m faced with turning right or left to pick up a connecting street, as they don’t match up exactly.  This house can be found by going right, I went left all those months, when I should have been turning right.  I’m happy to say that the new owner also seems to love the house and it may survive for me to someday purchase it.

Rare Spanish-style. In my opinion, they are covering up the best feature by letting that hedge/bush grow in front of the windows on the right.  

Interesting metal object on side of house that I don’t know what it is for.

Hey look!  The “watching a block” apartments are done.  Here they are, taking up a full city block, where once there were houses.  Here are the houses.  Here is a link to all the watching a block posts. The building is called the Prescott and apartments range from a 381 square foot studio to at 1069 sq foot two bedroom. reports they are leasing from $1195 to $2005.  Count this girl happy she owns a house with an unchanging mortgage payment. $1195 for a studio?  That’s more than half my monthly take-home pay.

This dude is boarded up.  Will he survive to have another tenant in him, or be replaced by a tall house (or tall apartment complex)?  Also,check out the pushy bushes invading the driveway space.

Nice tiny crack between buildings.  

Mossy roof.

I’ve had my eye on this white house for a long time.  It has open lots on both sides.  I have mentally purchased said house and both lots and have a lovely garden platted.  It’s very nice, the things I’ve done in my brain.

When’s that Channing-Tatum-with-the-wolf-ears movie coming out?

I was thinking it was this weekend, but the Internet made me laugh arguing with itself.  The top search result plainly states July 18, 2014, but the picture next to that information says February 2015.
Phooey.  That was one of my five approved movies to see in the theater this summer. In happier news, this means I can sub in Boyhood  which I stupidly forgot to put on the list and which I’m dying to see.  Boyhood is going to be a better movie anyway.