Book reading: Lloyd Kahn, Tiny Homes on the Move.

I didn’t realize until he started talking, that this guy was one of the people involved with the publishing of the book Stretching, which I’ve used for years.  If I had picked up on that fact, I would have brought my very used copy.  He even had the Stretching software installed on his computer, which I have used in the past.  
In Tiny Homes on the Move, we got a slide show of exactly that.  Many people in the audience were tiny homes enthusiasts and so it was amusing when people asked specific questions about tiny home construction, only to hear the author himself wasn’t a tiny home enthusiast himself.
I enjoyed that two people in the audience both wore hot pink and also sat near each other.

Moneta Work Uniforms. Tricks.

I liked the tip in the Mabel sew along, to mark your pieces with tape while you are sewing, so I did so with this project.  This is telling me this is the front (or possibly back) bodice.  I also marked my center front and center back as it is easier to do that now rather than after the pieces are joined.  Those other lines are just drawing attention to the tabs I’ve cut into the fabric.

The instructions have your join the front and back bodices and the edges of the sleeves and then finish the edges.  I find it so much easier to do BEFORE joining.  This way I’m not serging in the round.