There’s no getting around it, I’m a paper lists type of gal.

I’ve just switched my paper planner (seen next to the water bottle) over to my phone calendar, but I still like writing things down and checking them off.

3 thoughts on “There’s no getting around it, I’m a paper lists type of gal.”

  1. Me too! Dan's always trying to get me to switch to do everything electronically but whenever I make lists on my phone, I forget they're there. Sometimes I need something to be right in front of my face.

  2. I have switched to my phone calendar… Which is ok, to a point. I like that I tend to have it always. I don't like that there really isn't any way to highlight a day or take a note about anything unless you make an entry. And even then, those get lost in the shuffle and I tend not to look at it.
    I also have a whiteboard calendar hanging in the kitchen so everyone can see what it coming up. And trying to teach the 3 year old what the different days mean is not going so smooth. I think maybe the electronic calendar would be ok if the husband also used the same thing- but he does not. And says he will not.

  3. I like paper for lists. It is the most satisfying thing to actually cross off. Vehemently crossing off is even better. In fact I purchased large sticky (post-it) chart paper and chart markers like I used at school for anchor charts to make wall sized to do lists and charts for home. They were quite instrumental during the move. The realtors showing our house to potential new renters always made comments on them.

    For life events I use google calendar, as does Shawn. Our events show up on each other's calendars, so it is great! For us, as an us, it works much better than paper. I get text reminders and emails about events, as I want and it keeps be focused.

    When I taught, every year until this one, I would make a Sara-ized calendar with a word or excel template and add all of the school dates, my dates, etc. I loved that bad boy and it hung right next to my desk. And then I would also have my lesson plan book, which I also made myself in excel. It was 11X17 when I was teaching a grade level and legal sized for my specialist years. Those also were comb or spiral bound and had the dates. All paper and typed then handwritten.

    I'm still figuring out what PhD Sara will use. A very large wall calendar (paper) is in order for my assignments and due dates. I just haven't decided on the specific details yet.

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