Thursday walk to work. sneaky edition.

I love me an alley in the daylight.  Here are some discarded flowers to add to that alley sense.

Blackberries looming.

Blackberries getting their close-up.

There are still a goodly amount of unpaved streets in Portland.  Will that ever get fixed?

Greenery and laundry.

For a long time there were skinny houses being built everywhere.  Now?  Tall apartment complexes.

Across the street from the soon-to-be tall apartment complex, we find the typical mid-century apartment complex.

Squirrel feeder.

Interesting roof.

I wonder if Karen and Simone love each other?  Or maybe Karen or Simone’s significant others were into a sort of one-up thing?

I’ve always wondered what’s up with this business on Interstate. Not enough to do any research, though.

I stared at this for a long time before I figured out that it was broken glass with cardboard blocking the hole. It sort of looked like the mirror surface had peeled off the window.  

Because I’m a child of the 80s, my first thought upon seeing this poster was, “Corey Haim?”

Nice beetle.

I’ve noticed this punk look a lot this summer.  Shaved for a mohawk, brightly colored, not in stand-up mohawk form.