Three sentence movie reviews: Stuck in Love

Time passes quickly in this story of a family of writers.  Everyone struggles with something or other and there are problems, but nothing that feels like it can’t be solved.  While that seems like a criticism, I found it rather enjoyable.

Cost:  Free, rented through Hoopla, the library’s streaming service. 
Where watched: at home, sitting in front of my computer.  (This was a huge downside to the Hoopla viewing experience.  Also, the subtitles were terrible.  They would flash on the screen and disappear before the character spoke.)

4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Stuck in Love”

  1. My library just started using Hoopla! I was looking up one of my last A-Z movies and discovered it’s only available that way, so I’ll be testing the system soon. However, I don’t typically turn on subtitles for an English-speaking movie (I assume this is English-speaking due to the cast). I should have thought of that when I watched Raging Bull. I could barely hear any of the dialogue in that movie.

  2. Subtitles came along with Matt, he always watches movies with them. It was annoying at first, I didn’t like reading the punchlines before they were said, but I’ve gotten used to it and now I too mostly watch movies/tv with subtitles.

  3. I started watching this movie. Did not get very far into it and never went back… I, too, tend to watch tv and movies with subtitles on. Mostly because you can never guess when the girls will start screaming and you miss vital pieces of dialog! Or, after having so many years of people asking me "what did they say!" They can read it themselves! (Oh, and I don’t tend to have the volume turned up overly loud that you couldn’t hold a conversation over the TV if you were inclined.)

  4. Sara Here: You recommended this movie to me so I plan to watch it. I will likely not have subtitles on. I like stories about writers and that have "my girl" in them!

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