Three sentence movie reviews: Foxcatcher

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Much like Force Majeure, this movie gives ample time to examine all quadrants of the movie screen in each scene.  Unlike Force Majuere, this was a slow and interesting film, most probably because a lot of the screen was taking up with Mr. Channing Tatum.  I knew how the story ended (because I remember when it happened) and yet I still found myself wrapped up in the conclusion.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Foxcatcher”

  1. You know how I feel about this film (extreme dislike). However, I do think that all of the acting was really good. I was particularly impressed by Tatum and Carrell.

  2. I had only just heard of this movie yesterday! That goes to show you how "with it" I am! The article that I read reviewing it said that they seemed to alter the DuPont character away from just being a schizophrenic madmen and threw in a lot more latent homosexuality. Agree or disagree?

  3. I read an interview with Mark Schultz (the guy CT plays in the movie) and his view is that John DuPont knew what he was doing all the time. And then he also agrees he was a paranoid schizophrenic, but that was exacerbated by cocaine. Mark Shultz is kind of all over the map about this movie, but I guess you get to be when it’s a movie about your life. (Interview is here:

    I didn’t think he was portrayed as schizophrenic at all in the movie. He came off as a grown up rich kid who could get whatever he wanted. In general I think with wresting I think you can see "GAY!!!" everywhere you want to. I tend to not see it very many places, but there was one scene in particular that implied there were some sexual favors traded.

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