And who might be standing behind you?

I’m waiting for Matt at the gate.  I pick out a good spot where I can see people coming through the gate and where I’m not standing in front of anyone.  I know not to sit in the chairs, because my view will be blocked for sure.  So my place along the wall is working well for me.  A woman comes and stands along the wall next to me.  All is fine.

And then she stands in front of me.  IMG_5629

Not a little bit in front of me.  The kind of in front of me where she blocks my entire view of the gate.  The kind of in front of me where Matt was past me before he noticed me waving.

I’m sure she was excited to see whoever she was waiting for, but so was I.  And I was there first.

(I projectile coughed on her, but the only effect it had was that she put her hair in a pony tail.)

4 thoughts on “And who might be standing behind you?”

  1. Yeah, that’s rude. I try to be very conscious of blocking people (and I’m small, so it’s not easy for me to block people!) but so many people seem to have no situational awareness.

  2. I feel like we live in a time that we just ignore other humans and the general politeness that used to be a given. I appreciate the power of women taking up their space – but this is too far!

    PS-HI! I’m all over your internet today!

  3. How old was she? I have a theory about age and feelings of entitlement… And I am trying very hard to not raise entitled children!

    1. I’d guess late 20s, early 30s. Thanks for working on the not-entitled thing. It’s very important. I can’t tell you how many times at school I’d watch the kids walk in unencumbered, followed by their parent (usually their mother, but sometimes their father) carrying all their things. Why have the children if they aren’t going to schlep their own things around, for goodness sakes.

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